Vata Balancing Kit


Vata season got you out of balance? It is fall, the leaves are dry and falling to the earth, there is increased movement in the air, winds of change, the approach of a new season. There is a dryness in the air, your skin is getting as dry as a lizard’s and you might notice that your nervous system is starting to buzz out of control. Perhaps deep sleep is becoming an elusive partner rather than the norm. Welcome to Vata season. In Ayurveda vata is the quality of air and ether.  Vata is movement, such as the movement of wind, movement within the body, or movement of thoughts. Without Vata life ceases to exist. Vata in balance is a wonderful thing. But, vata out of balance or in excess results in nervousness, anxiety and insomnia; all detriments to your health and sanity. The good news: you can balance and calm excess vata with pranayama, nourishing foods and grounding yoga poses. 


My gift to you is a delicious, nourishing vata balancing soup, and a pranayama to settle yourself into deep relaxation. 


 Asparagus, Leek, Cauliflower, Coconut Green Goddess Soup

2 tablespoons ghee

1 yellow- onion chopped

3 leeks- chopped 

1 rutabaga- 1/2 inch cubes

2 bundles organic asparagus- one inch pieces

1 small head cauliflower- rough cut 

2 cups vegetable broth

a pinch of red chili flakes

1 can whole unsweetened organic coconut milk

1 tablespoon fresh dill (chopped)

fresh grated nutmeg to taste

salt and pepper to taste

Melt ghee in a large saucepan. Sauté onions and leeks until translucent. Add rutabaga, asparagus, and cauliflower. Sauté over medium heat for several minutes. Add the broth, chili flakes, and nutmeg. Simmer until tender. Turn off heat. Add the full fat coconut milk. Season lightly with salt and pepper to taste. Spoon into a Vitamix and blend until smooth, but still slightly textured. 

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! This soup is so delicious and satisfying, hot or cold. The ghee and full fat coconut milk soothe and nourish your nervous system and the nutmeg is a natural sedative.