Yoga was my first deep dive to connection with myself…

The first time I stepped onto a yoga mat was like coming home: I felt a deep connection to myself…and to something deeper. Yoga saved my life: it is powerful medicine for healing and pain relief; it is my physical therapy; it is my connection to myself; it is my connection with the infinite. Yoga keeps me real and preserves my sanity. Yoga helped me work through chronic pain of fibromyalgia and sciatica, and keeps my scoliosis in check. Yoga was the medicine that rehabilitated my body after a serious ski fall that unhinged my knee, tore multiple ligaments, and torqued the right side of my body from my sacrum to my ankle. Yoga therapy rehabilitated my body and mind: allowing me to walk with ease, and put me back on the mountain skiing and hiking; living mostly pain free, loving my body, loving life. Yoga keeps me strong and resilient. Yoga brings me home. And your body is your first home!


My Story

I know a bit about pain…

 I snapped my back off a diving board at 9, broke my wrist, hand, and elbow (involving both limbs) at 16, went through a car windshield at 18. Later in life, I found myself living in a body riddled with pain, unhappy in my career, unhappy in my relationship with myself. It seemed a gesture life, not really my own, but some version of a life that I was supposed to live. I had lost touch with who I was…and I kept resisting who I was. What you resist persists, so my body kept sending all kinds of pain signals to get my attention; but, I was not listening. I was sleep walking through life…trying to do the right things: preparing for a nursing career, working in a corporate job, playing the role of wife, mother and daughter. My brain was foggy, I was depressed, angry, and frustrated. I had trouble sleeping, my body seemed to be rusting from the inside out. Pain became my identity as fibromyalgia and sciatica set in. I was offered pain meds by the medical profession, with no real solution to the root of the problem. 


Then one day I literally awoke to a body screaming in pain. I fell to the floor as I stumbled out of bed. My knees and ankles barely supported my weight, and as my hands fumbled with the doorknob I realized that something was really wrong. 


And that is when I finally woke up! 

I ditched the good girl notions, abandoned my plans for completing nursing school and embarked on a holistic healing path. What I have discovered along the journey is truly extraordinary and beautiful: your body wants to be well and given the chance it will heal itself. You must make the choices to create an environment for wellness and healing, embrace the miracle that is you, love yourself.  And what you eat, think, and do really does matter.


My passion is to share the keys to pain free living through mindful movement, healthy nutrition and lifestyle.


Your body is your first home, your breath is your dance partner…

I teach yoga with the intention to guide my students to find joy and comfort in their bodies. So many times we get ahead of ourselves, living in the future, or we get stuck in the past, clinging to chronic pain, whether physical or emotional. Yoga brings you home to here and now, in the present. Yoga connects the body, mind, and breath in a beautiful dance that has the power to release and open energy pathways, to open the heart, to unleash possibilities to connection with the infinite. I offer personalized yoga therapy sessions, healing touch in the forms of Bowenwork and Reiki, healthy eating and lifestyle programs and group yoga classes on the Monterey Peninsula. It is my joy to share the keys to healing and releasing pain…something that I know quite a bit about from my own experiences with my own body. 

Are you ready to come home to a body you love? Then please contact me. I can not wait to serve you.





“Working with Beth has given me better balance and a calmer mind. I am better able to manage my pain and find myself more active as my pain is greatly reduced.  Beth has taught me to how slow down and to breathe more deeply. I felt comfortable and relaxed in the sessions and found the work to be gentle and helpful. Her instruction is very clear and I found the poses to be manageable as there was much explanation about each exercise. I am touched deeply by Beth’s compassion and her attention to detail. She is a truly healing practitioner.” 

- Gillian Byrd, Carmel, CA



“I have never felt more relaxed in my life! Therapeutic yoga with Beth has enhanced my lifestyle, energy, and emotional balance and grounding. I have experienced a reduction in pain as a result of my yoga practice with Beth, and am no longer needing weekly chiropractic visits. I have learned new coping mechanisms and strategies to ease out of pain. I would definitely recommend Beth."

- Dr Shannon Hudzick, Carmel, CA


“Thank you Beth for your work with me. The sessions have benefitted me greatly and I am most grateful to have received your care. The work has made a significant difference for me in my daily life. My body thanks you!”   

- Reverend Amber Sturgess, Carmel, CA


“Beth truly has a gift for this work. I leave every session feeling restored and renewed. Her approach is the most holistic I have encountered in my 20 years of yoga practice. She has introduced me to amazing techniques that I have encountered nowhere else. I would highly recommend Beth’s yoga classes.”, 

-Heidi Zamzow, Monterey, CA



“My first experience with Bowenwork was with Beth and I found it to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually expansive. She is an incredibly competent healer who is most knowledgeable of the muscular skeletal system. Beth is empathetic, capable and current on a wide range of modalities including yoga therapy and nutrition. I would recommend her whole heartedly.”

-Rabbi Leah Novick, Carmel, CA



Education, Trainings, Certifications

  • C- IAYT Yoga Therapist

  • E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher

  • Board Certified Holistic Health Coach- Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, NY

  • Pilates Mat Work

  • California State Certified Massage Therapist

  • Professional Bowenwork Practitioner / Associate Instructor, American Bowen Academy

  • Reiki Master- Usui Tradition

  • Bachelor of Arts- International Relations from the University of California at Davis